About Paul

Paul Molinario is a songwriter/musician from New Orleans who is currently performing and recording original rock music. He wrote and produced his first CD titled "Big Bang"  which was released in 2008. His song "Stand Back Up"   received an award from Billboard's World Song Contest. Paul has released 7 single songs since the first album - “Good Things Are Hard To Find” (2024), “Urngica” (2024), “I Hope It Works Out” (2024), “Free My Mind” (2023),  “Number #1” (2023), "Out of My Way" (2019) and “Expect the Unexpected” (2019). He is currently recording new material and is looking forward to releasing some more songs in 2024. 

Paul’s musical background started at age 8 when he began taking guitar lessons. He started out learning the blues and his passion for the guitar was born.  He later became inspired by some of the great rock guitarist such as Jimmy Page, David Gilmore, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix.  He continued to study music theory and started writing his own music and lyrics. He has also gained a lot of experience recording and producing music in the studio over the years. Paul plays a variety of instruments and he performs the vocals and all of the instruments on his latest recordings.  

Paul started playing live music in the New Orleans area at age 13.  He has sung and played guitar in various bands over the years and currently performs live as a solo artist. Some of the notable local New Orleans area festivals and venues he has performed at include:  Gretna Heritage Festival, Ruby’s Roadhouse, Boomtown Casino, The Howling Wolf, Bourbon Street clubs, Rock N Bowl, and the Treasure Chest Casino.